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72Hours Reload experiences


Marrakech, September 2022


يد واحدة لا تصفق (YAD WAHDA MA TSAFEK)

This old Berber saying is the perfect wrap up of the 13th edition of 72Hours Reload we spent with 26 inspiring ladies in Marrakech. We learned it from Alice Morrison , the British adventurer we also met 5 years ago. Last year, she spent almost 8 months crossing the Moroccan desert by feet, walking 5 hours a day with 2 nomads and 4 camels. Hers was called Amish. Sleeping in a tent, or under the stars. In order to keep moving forward, she had to trust the two men accompanying her 100 %, fully embracing each other’s culture. Together, they discovered a lost city. She showed us how not being afraid to connect with people that are totally different from you can create magical experiences. Because you can’t clap with one hand. Clapping together by sharing experiences, emotions and stories became the common thread that connected us all at this very special 13th edition of 72Hours Reload. 


Stockholm, April 2022

It happens at every reload. Lovely ladies arriving with a head full of things to do. By the first evening, they all let go and stop thinking, to start being. Our first keynote speaker in a former nuclear underground facility, our first visit to an island dedicated to art, our first stay in Marine Baracks... it all happened in Stockholm.  Surrounded by the magic of a thousand islands & the whispers of the Viking culture, we had unique encounters with the producer of Kalifat, the bestselling author/photographer of Lagom, about the Swedish soul, the woman leading the stakeholder coalition of 5 Scandal countries preventing terrorism. Of course, the songs of Abba were part of our Saturday night party 💥

72hoursreload Rosendal. Foto J.Wulff-1483.jpg

The outside edition, Oostende, May 2021

Nature played a big part in this 11th edition as every single get together, speaker, meal and activity was outside. So grateful for the energy & spirit of our 30 inspiring guests and 8 wonderful speakers: Jaela Cole, Monique van der WeijdenNoemie WoutersWilly VersluysIne Van WymerschLaurence PutmanCaroline VrijensJennifer Baez Matos. we focused on the flow of generations… from our own evolution starting as young girls, finding our way, growing into wise women… to how the city of Oostende changed from generation to generation… to the promise of the youngest generation,and how we can all help them blossom to develop their full potential and make this world an even better place.

Back to basics in the Belgian Ardennes, 2020

For this special 10th edition, and the first one in Belgium, we focused on connecting back to (our) nature. So many unique encounters and experiences once again… in the midst of a season changing to autumn in the Belgian woods. Inspiration sessions & dialogues to reload our mind with Prof. Karine Van Doninck, VP Vaccines GSK An Vermeersch, Topmanager and Chinese Medicine lover Anouk Lagae & Dr. Xue… finding our uniqueness through our finger print …

Via ferrata, e-mountainbiking, a hike up to the chapel with the wind in our hair, sunset yoga with Elke and a unique art class with Veerle to reload our body and soul, enjoying drinks and tasty food by the fireplace…

 Silent walk in the woods on Sunday morning, followed by a unique movement session in a church with Isabelle Beernaert…Grateful for so many unique souls connecting with nature and each other 🙏🙏🙏


Lapland, 2019, 2020 & 2023

"Mother nature needs her daughters and her daughters" 

💥Thank you for the inspiring morning session (Fear is a liar) & afternoon experience Elke Van Hoof (Huis voor Veerkracht) on how to train the brain for more resilience & cope with stress.

💥Thank you Stephanie Langerock for sharing your experience at HomewardBound , a community of top women in #STEM & #climate-science taking leading roles to impact policy & society.

💥Thank you Carole Lamarque (Duval Union) for sharing your #unfairadvantage marketing model and motivating us to become real cheetahs.

💥Thank you Sara Ljunggren (owner of Explore the North) for showing us how we can learn about personal leadership by observing the dogs on the dogsled.

💥 Thank you Arita Baaijens for showing us how deep mapping can connect the inner and outer world.

72_hours_reload D75_6859.jpg

Copenhagen, October 2018

In October 2018, a variety of inspiring ladies joined us to connect with each other in the vibrant setting of Copenhagen, the epi-center of Scandinavian cool. Time to foster old friendships and to create new ones. To be impressed by the glory of the Danish TV industry and to meet the Emmy award winning producer of Borgen, The Killing and The Bridge. To take a peak behind the scenes of DR Radio, its modern architecture, the news floor and the TV studios. To discover modern art and a stroll in the park at the Louisiana Museum. To learn all about how the city became the capital of biking from the CEO of urban planner Copenhagenize. To enjoy the daily organic breakfast and wind down with a glass of wine at the bar with jazz. To get a taste of the food scene at KUL in the Meatpacking District or enjoy a home made dinner by the foodies from Mad about Copenhagen. To share mutual stories guide by curator Iben in the secret women’s tower. 

New York, October 2016

72 Hours Reload during an Indian summer in New York. That means almost 72 metro rides, 72 impressions a minute, 72 ideas an hour, 72 inspiring talks with other women a day.


Behind the scenes at the Wallstreet Journal, a lunch talk in a penthouse at the 41st floor, speed dating with 30 great female startups with a view of Times Square, visiting the Whitney Museum with Kathelijne De Backer, the Belgian CEO of Art Miami, guided tour of the United Nations followed by a private talk with our Belgian government rep Annelies Verstichel...


What a truly unique experience this was, thanks to the wonderful collaboration with Bieke Claes, President of Belcham in New York.


Captured in this article by An Brouckmans, editor in chief of Feeling magazine. Thank You 💥 

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